ScentPURGE™ Auto


Kills odors GONE.

Our ScentPURGE products are designed for hunters to create small “clean room” areas before they go into the field to hunt.

Attacks odors continually with the power of ozone. Kills odors such as human, tobacco, food, pet, and much more. On/Off button, blue light indicates on.

  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warnings.

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2014-Field&Stream-Article-1Attack and destroy odors at a molecular level with the science of Ozone!

For generations hunters have hung clothing and gear outside for days to help stop unwanted odors. Now for the first time with our line of ScentPURGE™ products you can kill all of those offensive odors indoors overnight in your storage areas.

All of our ScentPURGE™ products are specifically designed to create small “clean room” storage areas by hunters before they go into the field to hunt. See the 2014 Field&Stream Article!

The science behind what takes Mother Nature up to a week or more to make your gear scent free is ozone (O₃). These incredibly powerful molecules literally destroy organic odors. Everything from human B.O., cigarette smoke, musty storage totes, cooking and even gasoline. Smells are not just covered up, they’re gone for good!

Whether you need your duffel bag or tote to become a small “clean room” or you want your vehicle to be rid of the odors, Whitetail’R has the affordable solution you need. Remember your equipment can be deodorized with ozone in almost no time.

The best thing about our ScentPURGE™ products is that they are extremely effective with multiple “off season” uses around the home as well. Your wife will have a hard time giving it up – you may want to purchase an extra one as a gift for her this season as well!

ScentPURGE™ produces odor eating ozone at levels that are below EPA and OSHA standards. Ozone seeks out odors and neutralizes them and the odor is gone! With no filters to change or clean, our ScentPURGE™ products will give you years of odor killing service at a great price.