ScentPURGE™ 50+ replacement Emitter


Extending the life of your ScentPURGE 50 for literally YEARs to come..!

Our ScentPURGE products are designed for hunters to keep their gear odor free before they go into the field to hunt.

While the emitters that come with our ScentPURGE 50’s are designed to last for years with recommended cleaning, we’re hunters just like you and with all we do to be ready for our next hunt the last thing we want to deal with is cleaning a ozone generator or having to send it into the manufacture for a $$ cleaning fee. This is where our design and patent comes into play by allowing you to simply replace it like a common fuse.

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All ozone generators over time see a reduction in output often caused by builds up of carbon buildups etc. With a simple routine cleaning these buildups can be greatly reduced prolonging the lifetime of the emitters for seasons to come. Here too is where our ScentPURGE 50’s patent comes into assistance allowing for these emitters to be easily removed like a common fuse for cleaning and/or to be replaced with a new emitter.

The images below are samples of what an emitter look like with at least 1 of the 3 ports are faltering and in need of cleaning or replacement.









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