What is a Whitetail’R?

There is no one answer to that question. Sometimes a Whitetail’R is a Whitetail’R because it was passed down through genetics; from grandparent, to parent to child. Other times a person is destined to become a Whitetail’R because he or she is inspired to do so from divine intervention or an inner fuel that simply draws them to the woods. In any case, the people who have come together to form this company are all - Whitetail’R’s.

Our company was designed to help fellow Whitetail’Rs excel in the woods. Our products will sell because they are, simply put, the best available or entirely unique, in each category we offer; from our PURE scent to our Electronic scent elimination – our products solve many of the common problems of every Whitetail’R, and they do it well. We won’t try to convince anyone to use a product because a celebrity “says it’s the best” but instead hope that once you try a Whitetail’R innovation, you’ll BELIEVE based on the productivity of the product itself.

Being a Whitetail’R is more than trips to the taxidermist- it’s as much about backstraps in the freezer and stories around the table at the end of long day in the woods. Sure, our gear will give a hunter an edge on a mature buck, but being one of us means that everything leading up to the hunt is just as important as getting a “shooter” in at 20-yards.

You’re a Whitetail’R if packing your truck for a weekend up north gets you fired up. You’re a Whitetail’R if you’re sitting all day and that granola bar in your fanny pack sounds like a gourmet meal….that you can eat in JUST ONE MORE HOUR. You’re a Whitetail’R if getting your son on his first doe means way more than you killing your best buck ever.

Drop us a line with your stories. After all, if you’re a Whitetail’R, you’re family, and we want to know how your hunt goes this fall.   We hope that it goes well, and our products help you create another memory.