No-Slide Seat Cushion


Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that perform the best…

  • Unlike traditional flat foam cushions, the unique shape of the No-Slide Cushion creates a comfortable saddle-shaped seat instead of following the slope of the tree.
  • The contoured shape provides a solid seat instead of creating a slide that would require constant adjusting and noise.
  • High density foam insulates and allows for hours of comfortable sitting in a tree stand, against a rock or tree, sitting on a log, anywhere you need a warm, secure seat.
  • They are durable, super lightweight and come with our lifetime service warranty.
  • Ideal for hunting on the ground and in many treestands.

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Our No-Slide Cushion Solves the Problem

Sitting at the base of trees can be very uncomfortable.

  • The angle of the trees base and roots supporting the tree are not easy, nor comfortable to sit on.
  • This angle when sat on causes the individuals posture to slide down and away from the trunk of the tree.
  • This fact minimizes the time one can sit comfortably without the aid of man made devices.

For many years most campers and hunters have used flat foam pads to help.

  • The problem with these pads is that they, while flexible have flat bottoms.
  • While these flat bottomed pads do bend and provide some cushioning comfort, however they do not stop your back from sliding down and away from the tree trunk.
  • Flat pads overall match the contour of the trees base angle and thus still create that slide down and away pressure on the human body.

Sitting at the base of trees can now be very comfortable.

  • The angle of the trees base supporting the tree are now paralleled once body weight is placed on our pads design.
  • With this new design the individuals posture will not slide down and away from the trunk of the tree due to the saddle shape created by the pads front support and its ground friction created.
  • The physics of this saddle shape design also provides for hours of comfort and parallels the comfortable contour of saddles for horses that have been around for generations.
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warnings.

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