RedySET – Release Trigger Aid


The RedySET Improves Accuracy in 3 simple Stages; Ready – Set – Release...

• There are two RedySET’s included per package
• One RED Medium pull weight
• One BLUE lighter pull weight
• Slides over trigger for easy use
• No glue needed for easy change to
a different trigger
• Fits leading release manufactures
• Reduces Target Panic misfires
• Improves accuracy

Patented Product

Made in the U.S.A.

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RedySET – Background

  • Competition Target Shooters
    • The driving force behind many archery release improvements.
    These skilled individuals need a lighter touch that allows for a
    fine tuned release for ultimate accuracy
    • This lead to some archery releases having too light of a trigger for
    many hunters. From this, many hunters can develop Target Panic
    or jerking or slapping the trigger and often missing their objective
  • Hunting Archers
    • Hunters are generally more familiar with heavier hunting shotgun
    or rifle trigger pull weights
    • Typical bow draw weight can create upper body stresses to
    manage at the point of fire
    • Archers need to be able to feel when their finger contacts the
    trigger without having the arrow prematurely release
    • So while the archer’s focus is on the target downrange, the
    objective of the RedySET™ is to provide a similar Ready, Set, Fire
    feel of a rifle and reduce the trigger slap reflex
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warnings.

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