It’s Raw. It Works.



Estrus doe urine is collected from does in their cycle, bottled, and shipped out in 48-hours–like all RAW products, there is NO prepackaging. No suspect colors or foreign ammonia smells. Just nature calling to the noses of rutting bucks. No preservatives or added chemicals.

Results in the woods means money well spent!

It all starts with the raw product. The reason hunters BELIEVE is because of the results they’ll experience. The entire Fresh 48 line means that from the moment the scents are bottled, they are shipped in less than 48 hours. No games.
Mature bucks know the difference from lures that have lost their effectiveness from sitting on a warehouse shelf, and those that are fresh, collected from the real thing, just days before. For added “fresh insurance” our bottles and special packaging process helps to keep our scents fresher.


Our buck urine closely matches the seasonal amount of testosterone of bucks in YOUR area because of our rapid processing. Order for a curiosity scent early season or during the rut to enrage dominant bucks. It’s raw. It works.


It’s the best cover scent known to man. The 48-hour fresh promise means that not only will human odors be masked, but the product also “calms” deer that smell it, helping you to get the shot. It’s raw. It works.