BlindSPOT-360 “Live-Feed Camera”




“LIVE Stream Viewing”…Never get Blindsided Again..!

  • Finally, Live, Real Time Viewing while you’re in the field checking those frustrating blind spots.
  • Simply set the camera up to 50 yards away (line of sight) to View, Photo or Video wild game literally hundreds of yards away with HD quality viewing.
  • Camera pans to view 360 degrees, plus tilts 120 degrees which you control live from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Our Free (and AD Free) Hunter designed App works on both Android and Apple devices.
  • No cell service needed.
  • Click HERE for an in the field “how to use” video clip.
  • Click HERE to see our easy phone “setup” video clip. Please see the below APP NOTE for updated App instructions.
  • Click HERE to see a cool 1min Turkey hunt clip from Ernie at Quaker Boy.
  • Comes complete with a padded carry case and a rechargeable battery system provides a full days worth of in the field viewing.
  • Simply set it near a trail, in your decoys, on a stump or use our twist-lock mounting system for stands and tree limbs. Plus it’s compatible to work with standard 1/4 x 20 camera mounting brackets or tripods.
  • Weath’R Shield protected and a- 2 year Whitetail’R Warranty.
  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warnings.

APP NOTE: If your phone can’t download our free BlindSPOT-360 App, please use the free V380 App. Click Here for the V380 instructions.


Our BlindSPOT-360™ is not a standard Trail-cam, it’s a LiveCAM, so get creative..!


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BlindSPOT-360 Testing…

Cold Weather

  • Over 6 hours of live-streaming outdoors at -2° temperature (-14° wind-chill) and they’re still working.

Wet Weather

  • Tested outdoors in the rain, no problems.
  • Next we gave the camera a home shower a day for a week. Each shower was 30 minutes long generating over 40 inches of rain in EACH session and it’s still working to this date..!

Battery Life

  • So think of the BlindSPOT-360 like you would your phone for charging and drainage practices, yet note that it commonly has twice the mAh battery capacity.
  • mAh capacity examples:
    • New iPhone X = 2,710
    • New Samsung G8 = 3,000
    • BlindSPOT-360 = 6,000
      • Provides you over 10 hours of in the field viewing

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