Lick’N Branch™ Kit


“Tapping into their Social Network..”

The Lick’N Branch™ kit, exclusively from Whitetail’R®, gives the deer the tool they need to communicate with each other throughout the fall season – Naturally.

Best of all, you decide where this new social network is established, field edges, tree lines, interior trails, stand sights. Perfect for pre-season trail
cam sets so you can take inventory of your whitetails or for establishing a branch and scrape near your stand site.

One thing is for sure, all of Mother Nature’s whitetail scrapes start with an active licking branch. Now Build your own set.

Each of our Link’N Branch™ kits contain:
• Our 8ft telescopic Lick’N Branch™
• Bottle of LimbSTARTER™ attractant
• Pair of SafeGLOV™ odor free gloves
• SwellWICK™ scent wicks

  • California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warnings.

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Lick’N Branch™ set Tips

The right area for your sets

  • Live Licking branches are a visual stimulus first to deer, so making it the most visually dominant branch in the area will only help.
  • Place both Interior and/or field edge sets in proximity to a main trail or crossing trail intersections..

Set up your trail cams with your sets

  • Great for taking “inventory” of what deer are coming into your area and when.
  • Keep your trail cams away from facing east or west because of the sun’s angles.

Use our LimbSTARTER™ scent (included) or an attractant type scent to jump start the limbs use.

  • Do not use a urine based scent on the limb, they are unnatural on limbs and create unwanted bacteria buildup.
  • Reapply the attractant scent about as often as you check your trail cam photos.

When to Start

  • Licking branches are often times a year round communication tool for whitetail so it’s seldom too early or late.
  • Good rule of thumb, start your sets late summer to early fall so the site has time to mature and become “their Social Network”

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